About Pargetting

Bill Sargent


Bill Sargent is amongst the highest regarded pargetters (also spelled pargeter) in the country. His work can be seen in Suffolk, Essex, Kent and Norfolk and covers most areas of Conservation Plasterwork and pargetting (also spelled pargeting). This includes conservation plastering for listed buildings, Lime washing, Lime plastering (mouldings etc.) Arches, Lime floors and Brick stone and slate work.

Bill began plastering in the mid-sixties, doing a formal apprenticeship and studying at Hertfordshire College of Building. After College, Bill worked with his father, continuing the tradition of conservation plasterwork and pargetting begun by his grandfather in 1926, throughout the Anglia region.

Since 1971 Bill has been based in mid Suffolk, where many examples of his work may be seen. His work varies from claylump and brick to timber framed period properties, using materials such as clay plasters, chalk lime and sand lime putty plasters to produce a traditional finish and preserve the property.

Bill frequently shares his knowledge on various courses (including pargetting and lime plastering) which he runs, and frequently gives pargetting demo’s. For a complete service from fixing wooden lathe to wattle and daub through to lime washing please contact Bill, details at the bottom of this page.


Andrew Donnolly


Andrew has been working with Bill for thirty years.


Charles Baylam


Charles has been working in conservation about half a century and with Bill for the last thirty two years.


Andrew Fawcett


Andrew studied Art, sold work through Royal Academy and has been working with Bill for the last sixteen years.